Craanford Fr. O’Regans

Craanford GAA History

Craanford Fr. O’Regans, originally Craanford St. Brendan’s was founded in 1954.  The first officers of the club were

Dick Doyle - Chairman

Jim Doyle - Secretary

Mick Kelly - Treasurer

The official club colours were black and red.  In 1956 a man who was to have a major influence on the club (and who the club is presently names after) arrived.  This man was Fr. Michael O’Regan C.C.  He led the club from then until his departure to Carnew in 1968. He also changed the kit colours to the present day colours of blue and white.

Craanford GAA Club

The lights were officially switched on in October 2004.  There are eight massive lights.  They are one of the biggest in Ireland.  These lights are extremely handy and a lot of important matches have been played under the lights with the first one being Wexford against Wicklow.

Craanford Walking Track

The walking track was laid down in 2007.  It circles both pitches cover a half mile for each lap.

The defibulator was purchased in 2007 also and has not had to be used yet.

Craanford Monaseed Camogie Club

The camogie club was set up in 2006.  Our U10 team won the county title in 2008, 2009 and 2010.  The U12’s won the county title in 2010.  Our U14 team reached the county semi-final in 2009 and 2010.  In 2011 we are hoping to field an U16 team.

Craanford Victories

Boys U8’s 1Bill Cullen shield title.

Boys U10’s1 Kent stain less steel Wexford District 2008

Boys U10’s 1 Kent stain less steel Gorey 2009

Boys U10’s 1 P+H Doyle shield Gorey District 2006

Boys U10’s 2 Tom Daly cup 2006, 2007

Boys U10’s 1 County hurling 2007

Boys U10’s 1 Liam Mcloyghen cup 2009

Girls U10’s Division 3 1 U10 championship 2008, 2009, 2010

Girls U12’s Division 1 1 championship 2010

Boys U12’s Division 2 championship 2010

Boys U12’s Division 2 County Hurling titles 2007, 2008, 2010

Boys U12’s Division 3 County Football titles 2008

Boys U14’s Division 3 County hurling 2007

Runners up U14’s Division 1 hurling 2009

1 football championship titles 1987 boys U12’s boys

Adult level junior hurling county final 1997, 1968, 2009

Leinster junior league 2008

Girls U10’s Camogie County Champions 2008

Girls U10’s Camogie County Champions 2009

Girls U10’s Camogie County Champions 2010

Girls U12’s Camogie County Champions 2010

St Patrick’s Church

The Church

Craanford church was burnt down in 1798 and was rebuilt in 1844.  The population of Craanford parish is 11,000.  The dry line that was put up made the wall make a hollow sound when someone knocks on it.  Where there is now mosaic there used to be lots of wood.  Father Doyle brought home an alter cloth from Fatima.

An séipéil

Tá séipéil mór sa sráidbhaile. Is séipéil caitliceach é.  Tá dhá reilig taobh leis an séipéil.  Ag an am seo tá reilig nua á forbairt freisin.  Ar an seachtú lá déag de mean Fomhair 1798, tharla ionsaí ar an tséipéalagus  tar eis tine,ni raibh móran faghta. Ansin ní raibh anon séipéil ag na daoine.  Ach thóg said séipéil nua sa bhliain 1844.  D’oscail Athair Séan O’Bhriain an séipéil nua.  Tá an séipéil fós ann.

Priests of Craanford Parish

Rev: John Keating 1875 - 1875
Rev: Francis Marshall 1875 - 1880
Rev: James Kavanagh 1880 - 1900
Rev: Michael Keating 1900 - 1901
Rev: James Murphy 1901 - 1924
Rev: David A. Kavanagh 1924 - 1937
Rev: Martin Murphy 1937 - 1954
Rev: Michael Rossiter 1955 - 1957
Rev: Murdeach Keating 1957 - 1974
Rev: Francis Staples 1974 - 1989
Rev: Dan Nolan 1989 - 1994
Rev: Joseph Lory Kehoe 1994 - 1999
Rev: Thomas Doyle 1999 - Present

The Grotto

The beautiful Grotto outside of the church was built in honour of Elizabeth Flusk.  If you go into the church you can see pictures of the old church hanging on the wall in the porch.  Also in the porch is a plaque where it shows all the past priests and the years that they were parish priests.  In the chapel there are five statues; Jesus, St. Patrick, St. Joseph and two statues of Mary.  One of the statues of Mary was brought back from Fatima from Fr. Doyle.

There was a school where the church car park is now.  The ceiling in the church used to go up in a point but was erected later into just a flat surface with a little pattern engraved all over in wood.  The first priest in Craanford church was Rev: John Keating and he was only a priest for one year.

Craanford Aqua Park & Tidy Towns

Tidy Towns

The tidy towns committee in Craanford have been on cloud nine last week after we once again scooped the top spots in the county in the annual Tidy Towns Competition on incredibly high scores for the past few years, we managed yet again to increase our score this time by four points to 284.  Local people have also been great at keeping litter to a minimum.  When the adjudications visited the Aqua Park was full of people and very little litter was too been seen the report also praised Craanford Mill and the thatched cottage in the village in general Craanford have a small team who work away.  The group meet on Mondays to carry out various tasks and then the members work on their own areas during the week.

Is comórtas speicialta  é an ‘Tidy Towns’.  Tógann an comórtas duais don baile nó sráidbhaile is glanadh sa tíre.  Féachann siad sna sráideanna agus sna pairceanna.  Is maith leo baile a bhfuil tarragngteach, lean gairdín deasa agus soar don bruscar.  Bhuaig Áth an Chorráin and comórtas seo ceithre uaire i 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2008, 2009 agus 2010 mar tá sé an deas agus tá sé glan.  Tá mnamuintir an bhrodúil don each seo.

Páirc Uisce

Doscail Mary McAleese on páirc seo ar an seachtú la Bealtaine 2002.  ‘Craanford Aqua Park’ is ainm dó. Is áit speisialta ann.  I páirc é le garidín fear droichead bord don picnic agus abhainn ‘River Bann’ is ainm don abhainn.   Tá tú abalta dul ann chun picnic a fháil agus sugradh ar on bhféar. Tá se suaimhneas agus glan.  Tá droichead beag thar an abhainn agus tá an gairdín go hálainn.

Things that can be found in the Aqua Park

Fish can be found in the Aqua Park.  Also Rabbits, Cranes, Eels, Frogs, Tadpoles and sometimes Beavers come down to the park for a swim.

If you are lucky you might even see a fox.

Lovely things about the Aqua Park

In the Aqua Park there is a variety of things to do.  You can have a picnic on the picnic tables.  The lovely free flowing river is great for swimming in on a summer’s day.  On a hot day some children have water-fights or if not, they can just paddle or dip their feet in the water.  The Park is cheered up in the spring with a lovely display of flowers.

Tidy Towns Competition

Comórtas ar leith is ea an Tidy Towns. Bronntar duaiseanna ar na bailte agus na sráidbailte is glaine I ngach Contae ar fud na tíre.Is maith le na moltóiri bailte ata néata agus gan oiread agus piosa brúscair ar bith. Tá an comórtas buaite againn le sé bhliain anuas. Is mór an chúis áthais don bpobal an éacht seo. Bail ó Dhia ar an obair seo go deo.

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